I am

A musician, writer, designer, gamer, wannabe voice actor, nerdy geek guy.
A husband, father, and an all round nice guy.

It had to be done

Servers from Crestock Images Finally, after years of working with inept hosting, TaddMencer.com has been moved to a dedicated host. I'm sharing it…

How to write your story

I’ve been trying to write stories for longer than I remember. When I was younger I wrote tons or … pretty lame stuff.

The Empire Strikes Back

Oohhh George Lucas is going to sue me! This post has nothing to do with StarWars – sorry fanpeople (being PC). I’m building…

Back the truck up

Ok, I’m backing up. I had made the attempt to leave the great 1and1 hosting – only to fail. It turns out they’re…

Moving day

I’ll be moving my website to a new server this week .. it’s kind of scary since I don’t know how it’s going…