Sync Microsoft Zune with Songbird

Microsoft Zune and Songbird - gotta love it

I’ve had a Zune for several months now – bought it off a co-worker. I love it. However, the software that it uses .. well, seems a bit bloated and limited. It’s not horrible – but just seems to add too much.

So I tried the ol’ faithful – Songbird. Took an addon to do it, but yes … it is true – you can sync them together!

It works really well – I have to admit. Fast, easy, quick .. I don’t know why I didn’t try it before!

So .. in order to do this you need:

1) To download Songbird –

2) get the MTP Support addon -

3) Plug in your Zune.

That’s all I did! It was fast and easy!

If you need MORE proof it works (seems a lot of unbelievers ..) go

It says that yes … you can get Zune support.

Here is the image of my Zune (.muzak.) synced with my Songbird 1.2.0

Microsoft Zune synced with Songbird

Post your experiences! Did your Zune work? How about your iPod or iPod Nano? Anyone try a Zen or other manufacturers?


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