5 Ways to Deal With Stress

Stress. Everyone deals with it at some point. Some people can ignore it. Others thrive in stressful environments. Personally, I hate being stressed out. You feel so many emotions when you're stressed.

How do you deal with stress?

Here are a few easy ways to deal and work through stress.

1) Bounce a ball: If permitted, get a tennis ball (or other small bounce able ball) and bounce it a bit. The impact of the ball hitting the ground and the steady rhythm often can help you feel relief.

2) Drink more water: I've been told that dehydration can cause unnecessary stress. If you start feeling bent out of shape and stressed for no reason, guzzle some water and see if that helps.

3) Go for a walk: At my current job, we take a walk around the building every day (weather permitted). The fresh air and exercise helps clear away frustrations you have from your day.

4) Listen to enjoyable music: Pop in a CD, load up your iPod .. play something that makes you feel good.

5) Sit in quiet: Often times all you need is to sit in the dark, close your eyes and ignore the world around you. Let your mind go. Play happy scenarios in your thoughts. Removing yourself a few minutes in a day can really make a difference.

What other ways can you relieve yourself of stress?


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