I am

A musician, writer, designer, gamer, wannabe voice actor, nerdy geek guy.
A husband, father, and an all round nice guy.

We are the graphic novel

I've been having a rough time internally with some struggles. Doubt, fear and anger are among those that I wish I could ignore.

FireFox Add-ons

I love FireFox. One of the great things about it (which now most browsers do) is the ability to expand what the browser…

The great deceptions

I have been noticing a trend - and maybe it isn't a new one, but a trend none-the-less. The trend is when media…

Wisdom of a 3 year old

My son will be 3 this month and has already taught me a valuable lesson. You see, I was one of those disheartened…

Hello comrade

Welcome to the United Socialist Republic of America.     I'm going to make a shirt saying "Doomed! We're all doomed!" I've never…