The great deceptions

I have been noticing a trend - and maybe it isn't a new one, but a trend none-the-less.

The trend is when media makes a generization statement that makes it sounds like everyone is for or against something when, in all honestly, they're not.

Carolyn gets a magazine called 'Parenting' which generally has good articles and gives her great food for thought. One of the articles drove us batty. It was a "letter" to the president stating what they say all moms and dads want. Universal Health Care - uh no. Raising the minimum wage (again) - uh no.

Let me explain the tactic, which was also the same tactic used in the lasted not-so greatest election.  They make this general statement "Everyone wears blue". If anyonen other than the 'trusted' media said this, people would instantly say "Hey, I like green!" but instead it instills this feeling that if they don't wear at least SOME BLUE there is something wrong.

When when they makes statements like a majority of mom's and dad's want the minimum wage to go up, then people who read that automatically thing they must have it wrong if  most mom's and dad's want higher minimum wage. Maybe they should follow suit.

Yes, people are that daft that they believe whatever the newspapers, magazines, newsletter and even us lame bloggers say. Yes, I'll say it - a majority of humanity are lemmings who will not follow the best course, just the one that makes the most noise.

I say: Universal health care - bad idea. Raising the minimum wage - bad idea. For the latter, why raise minimum wage when businesses all over the US are struggling to pay the employees they have? That's not going to help the economy, just kill business and raise the unemployment rate.

Good thing Parenting Magazine.

Daft I tell ya. Daft.


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