The Great Computer Debate

Through the history of time there has always been epic depates. Cain and Abel. David and Goliath.

But none have been as heated as: Mac and PC.

I'm a PC user I love my PC. I use it, abuse it .. and I really have little problems that are PC related.

I use a Mac at work and, honestly, it's a nice piece of hardware. Works well enough. My biggest headaches are the different keyboard layout and it freezes perioidically.

Now, as I compare the two in my head I realize ... in the end, it's just a differently skinned OS.

In fact, I've modeled how my PC feels based off my Linux-run laptop I have.

In the end I prefer: Ubuntu. It's a mix of Windows and OSx and in my mind is the perfect blend. The ONLY downfall is the fact that major venders (Adobe for instance) doesn't support Linux distributions.

What OS do you prefer and why?

Note: I know this is one of those "heated topics" where people feel strongly toward what they like to use. Keep thinks polite if you don't mind.


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