Back the truck up

Ok, I’m backing up. I had made the attempt to leave the great 1and1 hosting – only to fail. It turns out they’re not that slow.

I tried to go with a company called FatCow. Yeah, laugh all you like. But it’s true. Turns out – when you pay $44 a year for hosting you’re paying for what you get. Lousy service and excessively slow servers. So, I turned tail and ran back to a host that is fairly fast – though not the fastest.

The lessons you learn I suppose.

BUT – now I can get back to blogging. Maybe regain some of the traffic I sadly lost in the whole “attempt to get a new web host” phase.

On the flip side – I’m building a few sites. Still trying to build Alcove Alley. I have a package plan that I’ll be implementing very soon.

Studio646 – if all goes well – will start being built into HOPEFULLY an empire of mini-blogs. From stories to RSS feeds to just a flat out profile website. I’m aiming for something that will be self sufficient and get a ton of traffic.

I have a few paid clients I’m slowly working on. I’m also working on a few projects with some friends that will hopefully put me up on the food chain above pond scum.

All-in-all … I’m back. And I’m hoping to get the party started .. again.


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