The Empire Strikes Back

Oohhh George Lucas is going to sue me!

This post has nothing to do with StarWars – sorry fanpeople (being PC).

I’m building an empire. That’s what this is about.

Many people know that I enjoy being creative. Everything from writing stories to designing crazy graphics. I want to make a living of just .. enjoying my imagination.

So, Studio646 is actually being re-developed for that purpose in mind. A place – an emporium – filled with mini-sites. Tony Lane, Median, Deadland Chronicles, Hitman Journal, Diary of a Deadman … yes, these are stories I’m working on … each will have these little blogs.

So, Studio646 Empire will be coming soon. I need to find a good host for it, build it .. and they will come.

Man, George Lucas and Kevin Costner are going to show up at my door and break my kneecaps ..


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