Throne of the Dead

So I've been slowly (ever so slowly) working on Deadland Chronicles. I really should be scripting, but I have been doing some other models, such as the NeoTech Soldier I've previously posted.

One of the models I worked on recently is a scene in a throne room for a character named Lady Raven. Inspiration for this character is a mix between the Biblical Nebuchadnezzar, Hitler and the character 'Azula' from the cartoon 'Avatar - the Last Airbender'.

She's a bad guy. Plain and simple. The first official villain in the story - other than the faceless evil soldiers. She sits on a thrown because she thinks herself a princess or a queen of some sort:



Modeled: Silo
Rendered: Blender
Post: Photoshop CS3

This is just the beginning. I pulled elements from other models and mixed and matched and so on - but I think the current feel is pretty good. I'll be moving things around a bit - maybe add two spiraling staircases and such ... make the room larger since a few scenes will take place here. I won't tell you WHAT scenes or WHY .. you'll have to read the book when I get to that!

I'm still excited about this story. But I think I'm self deflating myself. Doing things which takes away time to write. I need to get on the ball. I may have some more exciting news as well! But I'll wait and see how it pans out. God willing I'll have some awesome news!

Comments are welcome!


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