The Deadland Chronicles shock

I did a few counts for Deadland today - just to find out how much work I need to do for this before I can even get to the photo shoots. Really, it probably wasn't a good idea because I nearly fainted.

30 pages of script = 3 months of updates (Not bad there!)

30 pages of script = around 180 panels

180 panels = 500+ photos needed depending on characters

At this point I nearly threw up. Because that is a CRAP load of pictures. Luckily I'm sure I can repurpose some shots for the project. But still, that's a heck of a lot of photos needed!

Now, here is a depressing number.

I was planning on 5 chapters which will be around 150 pages. Which will only take the public a year and a half to read through. Which is not at all a very long book.

I know there are web comics that update DAILY that are running on 3 years ... at least. And these people have such great stories! So, my problem is that if it's less than a two year project who is really going to want to read?

So I was shocked at how much work I have ahead of me. If it wasn't for the help of some friends I would hang up my hat right now.

What would really suck is if no one read it.

*Bits nails*


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