Deadland Chronicles update

deadland-chroniclesI've been doing a bit of work on my Deadland Chronicles designs. I'm pretty excited to see where this goes. I've "signed on" Pete Mumbower to do the photography as well as the models for the main characters. I also made a very simple splash page as a place holder to get "people excited" about the future novel. It will be extremely fun, I think, to do - and very challenging. But I have moral support from a good handful of people. It will be hard trying to find sub-characters and writing the script, but again ... should be fun.

The main character is tentative "played" by me ... unless I find someone else to do it (which I may) that will be one of the hardest things. Writing a script and 'acting' the character for photographs without being completely crappy or looking egotistical and pompous.

Anyway, to see the design and to read a not very well written synopsys, go to:



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