Update on the NeoTech Soldier

One of the only things I did over the week (other than baby things, errands and helping take care of the wife) is a bit of work on my soldier guy. Aidan and I added a few things to the fray such as a breather and a tube - which very much adds a Steam Punk vibe. I did some work on the chest plate, though I'm not that excited about it. Feels too generic, so I may redo it again. For the 10th time. Literally.


Modeled it Silo
Rendered in Blender

I need to redo the gloves because they got screwy for some reason. But that's easy enough to do.

If anyone has any good tutorials that aren't uber-basics please let me know. I have the "The Creature Factory" and "The ManCandy FAQ" but those are beyond me at this point. I need more just above basics. I don't need to know how to split the viewports and such. I need more how to do the extrudes and all that jazz.


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