Deadland Chronicles Chapter 1 - Scripting is done!

I'm excited by the fact that as of last Friday I was done with the first chapter for the Deadland Chronicles script! This was a huge landmark for me.

First of all, it's the first time I've written a script - not to mention FINISHED anything I've put a goal to. This really made me excited when I got to save the first chapter. It was a goal. Finish Chapter One. And I did it.

Second, it motivates me more to start the next chapters - and gives me more ideas and insight on how I can do and tell this story in its fullest without really screwing up .. too much!

Third, well there really isn't a third I just hate lists of two.

The script has been sent to Todd Morris over at Lost Gorilla for story boarding. He's already been working on it and I hope to check out the awesomeness he's already thrown together! Todd is an awesome illustrator - so I'm pretty stoked about seeing his work. I have him my story boards for about 20 pages just so he can see my vision ... so hopefully he can make out my crappy drawings. Truth be told, I'm not a very good artist when it comes to pen and paper.

After the story boards I'll be sitting down with Pete Mumbower at pmStudios and Todd (Todd is the Assistant Director and Pete is the Director of Photography) so we can figure out the way we can pull off the visuals for this.

So yeah. Celtx is doing a great job. I'm pretty excited about doing some of the designs and .. yeah. I'm just overall excited.



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