Tony Laen Chapter Two posted

The second chapter has been posted entitled "The Orphanage".

This story starts, like many. On a cold, dark and stormy night. It really wasn’t an ordinary day for Leafton Falls, who usually have pleasant and mild august weather. However, this storm was an exception. Hailed by many as "the storm of all storms", though honestly it didn’t touch the storms of other areas of the world.

The lights were out all around town due to lightening, however when the electric spikes streaked across the sky, every building was briefly lit like a brilliant (if not wet and rainy) day.

If one was looking out into the night they may have seen a figure standing in the trees across the road from the Leafton Falls Orphanage, the oldest establishment in Leafton Falls.

The figure was fairly tall, though not inhumanly, and stood slightly hunched like it carried the weight of the world on its shoulders. The black cloak it wore seems to be part of the shadows and looked like the very shadows themselves tugged at the figure, wrapping it in a dark embrace.

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