Experience Design Manifesto

The ultimate aim of all creative activity is to bring happiness to people's lives. -Andrë Braz

This is an interesting little piece that I stumbled upon.

Perhaps a hippie-fied version of what a creative designer is suppose to bring to the world, but the Experience Design Manifesto good read.

An experience designer must love and care about people and the world in which we all live. It's his mission in the world to proudly spread love and happiness through his creations. -Andrë Braz

I may have to say, my idea is that a creative person's job isn't necessarily to bring good and love and care to the world but to inspire others. Inspire them to dream, to invent, to create their own designs and to inspire them to do something. Our world has become so sterile and complacent.

And episode of Seinfield comes to mind. Toward the end of the show the gang are in some city and they witness someone getting mugged. They watch, shrug and walk away.

Is this how the world views everything? Watch, shrug, walk away.


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