My gaming clan experience

Call of Duty, the original, was my first real online multiplayer experience. Before then, I never played a game online. Well, I tried playing Quake online back in the day - but that was a failed attempt when my connection was 28.8 ... which was horrific even at that time. The lag was terrible ... and I was just no good.

I also played 'Blood' with my friend a few times over the phone lines - but even that wasn't very slick.

Beginning of the End

However, about 4 years ago (or five, I can't remember) my wife bought me Call of Duty for Christmas. I played the single player at home, multiplayer from the DSL connection at the office (since we only had dial-up) and to be frank - I was horrible. And oh so addicted.

Fast forward: I'm still addicted to online play. Not really because it's challenging, but because it's a good way to have fun with other people. There is only so far you can really go with single player. After you beat the game, you're done. But with multiplayer, you have endless gameplay. Brilliant!

I have been in a handful of gaming clans since starting. A clan is basically a group of like-minded gamers who get together regularly and play the games at hand. In my case, it was usually Call of Duty (though I do enjoy Neverwinter Nights). My first clan was called 'Short Bus Riders' but that lasted only a short time. After that, I started 'Silver Bullet Mafia' with a friend and we did fair for a few months. Members left fast (no server = no members I learned) and I moved on to United Base Players.

The First Real Clan

This was my first real clan. In less then two days I went from a recruit member to a server admin (thank you Squeeg for believing in me). In a few months I was the web admin as well as server admin for any server I wanted. Sadly, there were many factors in this clan that led me to leave.

After leaving, another gent from uBp (United Base Players) left also and begged me to start a clan with him. I happily agreed (he was the reason I had Call of Duty:United Offensive and Call of Duty 2!) and we started Perfect Killers.

Now this was the clan. We had two servers, ventrillo, members galore, a pretty rockin site. All the things to make a good clan. Sadly, this too fell through as the up-keep got the better of me (too much drama and problems for me) and I left. Sadly, it closed it's doors a month after.

Since then I was a pub - public player. Non-affiliated with any clan. I changed my gaming name from Lord Thaddius to Azrael (the angel of death .. not the cat from Smurfs) and started gaming anywhere I wanted. A friend from uBp asked me about starting a clan with him, but I didn't have the heart.


Months passed and I played. I got Call of Duty 4 (finally!) and went to play on my friend's clan server. It was fun. He bugged me and bugged me ... and finally I conceded last week.

And to be honest: I'm quite happy I did. The clan I joined is friendly. It's about having fun - not about competing against clans or anything. Just a good time.

So Psyc .. stop bugging me! I joined already! Now make me a founder. - For gamers who like to have fun.


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