The new Tadd Mencer design

So I've decided to stop screwin' around and build my own WordPress template. So, I've been playing with this new design, from scratch, for a few days now on my down time.

It's not done yet. Needs a lot more CSS help. But it's coming along. Here are some small (small) snippets of what it's looking like.



I'm using a JavaScript to make the corners nice and rounded. It works in most browsers without a hitch, which rocks. What does that mean? It means I can have a busy background like below, and nice founded corners like above without sacrificing quality. What is extra awesome if I can have a really smooth background like behind the 'GO' is a red-green gradient and not have to figure out how to make the corners round.

You control the corners in CSS, which makes it easy to use.


I made this background using some textures I won - nice texture pack. So I make it so it would be seamless and VIOLA ... slick background.

I'm hoping to have this site done and going by the end of the month - maybe sooner. We'll see. I've made some massive headway - faster than I expected.

Now I'm coding it all up in WordPress.

Wish me luck!


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