Deadland Chronicles

dead-land-chroniclesAs many of you know I am apparently glutton for punishment.

Several weeks ago I had this dream about a terrorist army invading (both from within and without) the United States. They ran crazy over us, and every free nation in the world, and basically took over the world. To say it was gritty, dark and scary would be putting it mildly.

However, in my dream (it was actually a few different nights) I became a leader of the free peoples, met up with two co-workers who suffered greatly but where also fighting to take back the good ol' US of A and a lot of other things. There was so much going on ... very intense.

In the end, I decided to write it all down, make a sort of graphic novel out of it and try to get a story out of the end of the world as we know it. Deadland Chronicles is born. Think Red Dawn meets Mad Max mixed with ... a diet coke with mentos.

Tomorrow I do some concept photos (thanks to Pete) of the two coworkers(Todd and Katie -and possibly myself) to start doing some photo manipulations ... more like a visual aid as I pen out the story. I have enough ideas for at LEAST 7 books so I'm pretty excited about it.

NO idea when I may get a sneak peak out - but when I get these manipulations done I'll probably show you fine folks.

Yes, this is like my third of fourth story idea. One of these days I'll finish one!


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