What Is It That Inspires You?

Where do you find things that get your mind moving?

What motivates you?

Where do you find the inspiration to continue writing words? Creating works of art? Caring for others? Loving on another?

I need to find my sweet spot. The place where I feel inspired, excited and motivated. I try and teach my oldest son how to find joy in little things. As we drove through the city I challenged him to find details and little things and get excited about it. He did it with gusto and soon was pointing out architextures, trees, squirrels on the street and even how a telephone pole was leaning.

Here is a challenge for you: Where can you find inspiration? Find small details of a day and mentally record them. Things that strike you in just a way. It doesn't have to be earth shaking. Something simple like a shadow against an object or a phrase someone said. Something you read. Find something that inspired or entranced you, and comment on this post. Tell me what it was and, if you can, what stood out to you.

Everyone needs to find something to be inspired by.


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