That’s what I’m talkin about

I had a very restful weekend and did next to nothing. Which was important. However, I did mow the lawn on Friday. Seems we have a lot of weeds that wish to grow into trees one day. I happily dash their dreams of treedom with the electric lawn mower. No doubt they shake their little weed fists at me and scream curses.

Saturday I sat around and read a book and played with the kids. We went to the main library, which is the largest library I have been in. Which isn’t saying much. Never have I seen a multi-level library complete with top floor cafe. It was so large I couldn’t figure out WHAT I wanted to get. Carolyn was determined not to leave empty handed and got some audio books and a few books for Aidan. I just grabbed a movie.

Sunday we went and hung out with friends from church. It was a good time. We don’t get a chance to chill with people very often (busy folk as we are) so it was a great change of pace. I even jumped around on a trampoline for a while – though my back is angry with me for that brilliant move.

All in all I’m sitting here typing this out in a fairly good mood. I have a phone call today (no details yet) that could turn out good or just another wild goose chase. Who knows.

Until another post …


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