Has it been that long?

I’ve been down and out of this thing called ‘blogging’ for a few weeks. It’s hard to be motivated when you have no job and things look bleak. However, God is good and in less than a month I’m back in the saddle working for a new company.

The job is good, the  people seem good and the work is pretty active. I’m the Jr. Web Developer, which basically means .. well, I’m not sure at this point. HAH! I know that I’m designing ads for their internet campaigns as well as developing the layouts for their email newsletters that they send out to around 100k people a week. I’ll also be doing some web work with them for mini-web sites for specific product lines. So, so far so good.

I just got a new laptop to help me be more productive on the writing front. I have plenty of ideas for writing, but for some reason the desk top never seemed very easy to stay motivated. A laptop just helps me with the writing.

So I’m typing this on the new hotness. It’s a Toshiba Satellite L395 running a dual core 2.16 Intel chip. 2gb ram, 250HD. So far it’s going well. Yes, it’s running Vista but from what I read that’s easy to change. The hardware is compatible with Linux and XP so .. if I get tired of Vista I can jump over and start running something else. Slick, eh?

So that’s that. I’m now working 8-4:30 Monday – Friday. Got this new lappy to work on, desktop for the design stuff (which yes, I still do mucho).

God is good. Can I get an amen up in the hizzle?


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