The stories of my life

Many people know that I enjoy writing stories. It has been something I’ve always enjoyed doing. In fact, I even wrote a few digital ‘Chose Your Own Adventure’ type stories in qBasic back in school. It was fun, it always has been.

I think it’s about time to take it to a new level. I have a few stories – and I think I need to start developing them. I have ideas – a few of them involving a blog style interface. These will be new adventures that I’ve not told anyone (except my wife).

All of the stories will be available to read online. Why? Well, let’s face it; in this economic structure are you going to buy a few cans of soup so you can eat of a $6 novella written by some guy you don’t know? So my plan is simple: write the stories a bit at a  time and post them online for the world to see. I’ll put ads and a donation box so I can maybe generate enough funs to pay for hosting and such – but all-in-all they will be free. When the story is complete, I’ll compile it into a book and sell it printed.

I’m not really out to make millions – and even big published authors will tell you that it is very unlikely you can make a good living. I do dream of a day I can write for a living – telling my stories all day long. I even want to write scripts for movies or develop a television show.

Maybe, since I’m not unionized, that dream could come true?

Maybe. I do hear dreams come true … sometimes.


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