Life changing paths

... or, A Tiger Changing it's stripes.

I have made some changes in my life the last 24 hours. Really, it's been a long time coming and is a necessary change if I expect to grow in any way toward a stronger walk with Christ and a better example for my children and a better husband for my wife.

I have over the last  many years become a pretty potent complainer. I'd whine and complain about many things and sadly I think I've pushed some friends away due to my attitude in this manner. I have decided today something important: Whining is like spitting on my inheritence. What I mean is, what do I really have to complain about? I'm adopted by the blood of Christ into the greatest family in the Universe - the family of God. What problem can I have that can shadow this wonder? None. Financial, health ... lack of fame or a 'feeling of doing something great' - none of this really matters in teh face of this awesome gift. I'm a son of God. Adopted into His family thanks to the love of Christ Jesus. So I'm making it my goal not to be a complainer. I started this goal today - made it through the day without much complaining at all and hey - I honestly feel pretty good. There where times when my mind started down that path but I had to stop, shake my head a bit and get back to the right path.

The other change is more with how I've been dealing with the frustrations of a three year old. This age is so insufferable! They seem to purposedly do everything to NOT listen and try and push ever button you have until you're yelling at the top ofyour lungs. God forgive me, I realized that I was snapping at Aidan over everything this weekend. My back hurt, my head hurt - and the poor little guy was pushing any button he could just to make me mad. It's not that I've never yelled at him before - it's part of dicipline. But I don't want to be a father characterized by yelling. So I'm going to do everything I can to not yell at Aidan. When he does something wrong, I will punish. Time outs and such. But yelling won't be part of the process.

To my family and friends: Please forgive me for my previous attitudes. My whining. My grouchiness. I can't guarentee that it will never happen again - but I will try my best to steer clear of this winding road.


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