Kindergartners get lessons in using an iPhone

three mobile phones, different types with clip... I'm all into technology. I love having my Android phone checking my emails, Facebooking, etc. However, there is a point where I feel we're going to far.

This article, for instance, talks about how the Abiline Christian University sent soem of their students to teach kindergartners how to use iPhones.

I have a problem with this. For instance, why would a 5 year old HAVE a $400+ phone? At what point would them having a smart phone be useful? What happened to teaching kids how to read and write? Play games? Enjoy the out doors?

We, society in general, are so enamored with these beeping contraptions and distractions we can't wait for the next new digital babysitter.

I don't see this as "innovative and challenging" or "world changing" as the article states. I don't see how this really benefits or changes anything - not for the better.


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