Hard lessons learned through rubber balls


I've said it before - I work for a very cool place. It's extremely laid back and people here have lots of fun while they work. Honestly, I don't know how I could ever work for another company.

However, I may have put this all somewhat in jeopardy.

Allow me to regale a tale of how a rubber ball nearly ended my career.

Here in our office we have "super ball wars". Well, not really wars, more like drive by balling. Yesterday (July 16th) I was innocently sitting in my desk when a bouncing rubber death was flung my way. Lucky for me it missed. My supervisor walks by with a mischievous grin on his face - it was on. However, a co-worker snatched that particular missile from the floor before I could get to it.

The next round hit me square in the chest. Oh, it was definitely on! And I had ammunition! My supervisor walked the long way back to his office in order to avoid a hail of rubber.

I scoured the floor and was overjoyed to find a second rubber ball. My arsenal grew!

It was nearly the end of the day, and I spied my supervisor walking toward the door. I took aim with projectile #1, and he dodged. Soon he was away from my direct vision but I slyly thought "I can see you in the reflection! You are mine!" and launched my next round, nearly blindly, over the cubical's and shelving.


My first thought was 'Bull's Eye!' until I realized that the sound it made wasn't one of his arm, back or chest but more of a skull-like 'thud'. I nailed my supervisor in the head with a rubber ball.

I quickly shouted out an apology as he continued out the door. Was he angry? I think a bit. Was I terrified to walk out the door in fear of a solid brick being brought down on my head? I think a bit.

The moral of the story is this: Tadd should never throw things. Period. Even a good natured lob can end in disaster.

I didn't get fired. I sent an email to apologize again in which he replied "no prob". I still fear the repercussions. They will be swift, terrible and when I least expect it.

I may have one the battle, but the war is far, far from over.

I'm doomed.


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