The way of the hard drive

seagateI have a Seagate 160gb external hard drive that I keep at work. It has a lot of files on it, software, music, graphics, photos ... you name it. Yesterday I decided to take it home to transfer stuff off of that and onto my system at home and visa versa. Figured I could always use a bit more music selection.

So, took it home and grabbed a power supply. Take note: It was different than the original PSU but I figured I'd go for the same wattage/voltage and we'd be good.

Well, apparently it wasn't the same and I heard a 'pop' and smelled a rank smell. Needless to say, the hard drive is now dead.

I tell you this as a two-fold warning.

1) Don't get in such a hurry that you don't want to unhook the right power supply for your external drives. Not worth the saved two minutes.

2) Remember to backup your backups. Yes, this was my backup drive I was using regularly. I'm pretty miffed about it. I've lost a lot of information.

What really stinks if I can't even open the casing to try and get the hard drive out. Seagate uses some wacked out screws to hold things together. So I'm out of luck.

And that's my sob story for the day.


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