5 iPhone ready wallpapers

While I don't have an iPhone - I do have a PDA. The background for that thing is ... yeah, just not that great. I found out that people like to download wallpaper for their mobile devices, specifically their iPhones.

So this led me to create 5 iPhone ready wallpaper.

Bombs Away

This one is actually a desktop wallpaper made by my friend Todd over at Lost Gorilla. The guy is a great illustrator. Check out his stuff! Maybe I can con him into letting me make more of his illustrations!


Samuel Hall

Todd is also one of the actors in the up coming graphic novel 'Deadland Chronicles'. I thought it would be fitting if I had his character as the second wallpaper to pretty up your mobile devices.


Red Eagle

This is one of those random works of art I did, specifically for this post. I wanted something that looks dirty and rough yet had a touch of elegance and grace. The eagle is very graceful to me. So I added this to the list.


Fantasy Castle

I've never had a good name for the original work of art, but I thought it would make a pretty slick looking mobile wallpaper. Yes, it's a castle and yes, that's a big friggin moon planet thing behind it.



Starry Sky

The last piece of art was made, again, for this post. It's very soft and pretty. I wanted something starry that would be nice and smooth to look at. So, I made some nebula and some stars. Badda-bing you have the Starry Sky wallpaper.



I assume these will work with any mobile device such as my Dell Axim or the snazzy Google G1 phone - not just the iPhone.

So, snag them all folks! Enjoy!


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