End of the year

Every year we read articles and hear people talking about the end of the year. They talk about what they did or what was accomplished during the year and remember people who passed away.

There was much stress this year. Not any more than usual, I suppose.

So, instead of looking at what happened this year I'll just thank God for a year passed without any major tragedies and thank Him for the birth of my second child.

I'll also look to the future. What things I get to look FORWARD to in 2009. For instance, 2009 will mark my entrance into the graphic novel domain with Deadland Chronicles. A huge undertaking for me, but I'm so excited to do it. I may also do a graphic project based on the four elements: fire, earth, water and air. I have a few musical endeavors I may pursue as well in 2009.

So, project wise it looks promising.

I have so many things I'm praying for. Things I've prayed about for over a decade and haven't really stopped. Off and on, but not completely.

Go into the new year looking ahead, not back. Look forward to things that God may have in store for you. I have my plans, but I know God has one as well.


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