16 years ago ...

I have a little known fact for you fine folks.

16 years ago, a 14 year old goofy lookin kid asked this girl out. She was a very cute chick. He, on the other hand, looked like a borderline nerd. He asked her  week before and, to his dismay, she said 'no'. However her learned though her friends that she planned on asking him out in a weeks time. He though "Psh, I'll beat her to the punch!"

So a week later he presents this little note asking her to go out with him. When she said "Ugh, fine!" he gave her a cheap faux gold bracelet to 'seal the deal'.

Eight years later, they got married in their home church.

Five years after that, she became pregnant.

Nine months later she gave birth to their first born son, who cried non-stop.

Two years later, she once again became pregnant.

And today, she is pregnant and expecting in December. He works full time. The boy is still a boy and very crazy.

And yes, this is Carolyn and my "life story". Obviously there are no major details, but this is the basics.

FYI: Her response to me asking her out the second time wasn't "ugh, fine" ... I just threw that in there.

Happy Anniversary, Carolyn. I love you more today than I have ever, and I know I'll continue to love you more every day.


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