A new chapter on cowardly calls

080723-cell-hmed-730a.hmediumOne night standers and cowards rejoice! Now you don't have to 'man up' when you want to break off a relationship! You can get around that responsible and respectful call by using Slydial. This handy little service will allow you to call someone's voice mail directly, by passing completely the phone itself, so you can break up with their voice mail, rather than doing it 'face-to-face'.

Ok, call me old fashion. Call me crazy. But I remember a day when if you wanted to dump someone you did it face-to-face or on the phone. Not in a text message, voice mail or other means that removes you from any responsibility or guilt. It also removes any worries of answering questions and having to give honest answers to those inquiries that you really fear are going to be asked.

To be honest, it's cowardly and just makes being a 'playa' easier.

Way to lower the bar, Slydial. Lame. Just .. lame.


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