When it rains …

Some days you ask “Why did I get out of bed!?” So many things go wrong you start to think you have a little chaos demon hanging off the back of your head.

After a lovely Thanksgiving Day it was going to happen. And it did. A few disappointing computer problems at the Bible Doctrines offices we left the building to find I stupidly left the lights on and the battery was dead. While waiting for AAA to come jump the battery (Yes, I love AAA) we found part of our new Serpentine Belt had stripped off. New as in .. Monday it was installed.

So I took the car to Lentz to have them replace it – again – and it was found that our Tension whateveritis was going and that’s why the belt had shredded.

So, we replaced it for more money then we can afford.

So you see, today has been one of those days.

And that is all. We got Subway to make us feel better (only to find they don’t have the Subway Club for their $5 subs .. jerks) and here I am. Complaining.

God is good though. If the battery didn’t die we wouldn’t have noticed the belt shredding on the ground. The tension whatever would have let the new belt walk right off the pulleys and we would be out an engine. So it really does work out, you just have to follow the steps.

So thank you God for a dead battery.


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