When reality hits

Today I was called into my bosses office and he delivered some bad news.

“I’m sorry, but we’re going to let you go.”

My heart sank. I could feel my face and ears turning bright red and I was instantly furious. How can you fire me? Who’s going to fix these crappy ads? Who’s going to make this UI (user interface)? Who’s going to X, Y and Z?

I didn’t raise these questions because it didn’t matter really. In the end, I was let go. Fired. Position eliminated.

My thought changed immediately to God while my manager apologized, looked about as depressed as I felt and explained about how revenue is down and what he thinks and so on.

In reality, God has always been there – no matter what. I’ve gone through some tough  times and when I thought all was lost, God said “Um, hello. Remember me? Still on the throne here. Just chill. I got it covered.” Next thing you know the path is clear and I’m shown the way.

No, I don’t have a new job. Yet. I didn’t miraculously get some check in the mail from a distant relative for “back payment on the past 30 missed birthdays”. Nothing is changed. I’m still jobless.

But I was assured from friends at work that they all care for me and feel horrid. People are shocked at the dismissal.

When I got home my wife hugged me. I had explained to my son what being fire means.

“Daddy has no job now. They told me I don’t belong there anymore. No work for me. No money.”

When I asked him later who takes care of this family I got the response I needed. Wanted. Yearned to hear.

“God takes care of us all.”

I’ve already started putting in resumes. Will be applying for unemployment tonight and looking at COBRA (which has nothing to do with G.I. Joe I’m told). I’m not going to sit idly by.

While God takes care of us, He put me in charge of this wonderful family. And you better believe I’m  going to do what I can.

When they let Tadd Mencer go they have no idea they unleashed … the animal.

Eh, ok. I’m just Tadd. I'll let God to the rest.


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