Trying this theme again

Ok, I'm going to try this theme again. I may have figured out some more issues with it - so we'll see if my fixes cleans it up.

What was the problem?

Well, let me explain something first: WordPress uses themes. The themes are split into separate sections in PHP files in order to make things work nicely, layouts to fit and things are easily customizable. The basic themes are made up of four parts:


Now, when you author a web site, the coding structure goes like this:

<title>Your Web Site Name</title>




This basically is like forming a letter. The <html></html> tags tells the browsers (such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari) that this is a web site, and everything within needs to be looked at like a web site.

The <head></head> tags tells the web site that everything within these tags are NOT to be put as part of the web site, but are important because they start the formats. For instance, you would like style sheets, JavaScript, meta tags .. the <title></title> tags go here (which is how people put the title in the top of your browser). SO this is important.

Then the <body></body> tells a browser that everything in here is the content for the web site. All your information, graphics and such would go in here.

So that's the basic structure.

But in this theme I like, the structure was broken in so many different places. Footer information was outside the <html></html> tags so it was breaking the site, some tags weren't even closed, which isn't good. I had to trouble shoot this thing like a MAD man to get it to work right. I'm not even sure if it is right ... yet. But, we will see. I'll run it for a day or two and see how it rolls out. I'll probably do more to the typography (larger fonts, easier to read through) and graphics in the next few days as I have a few moments.


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