Tremendous Site Issues

I had installed a new theme (someone might have noticed) last week. A very attractive grungy theme that I thought was pretty dang smooth. The next day, I checked my web stats and .. broken. All stats went from 100+ hits to .. 1 or 2. It was outlandish! I restarted all my plugins, did some changing things here or there - and nothing seemed to work.

I was pretty discouraged to say the least. It's a very slick theme. BUT, I wasn't going to let my site go to pot for a stupid ol' theme. So I put this one up to keep the piece for now. I'm going to take one of the generic default themes and really hammer out something cool. Maybe a few variations of one cool theme. We'll see.

Anyway, keep visiting my site - comment as you see fit. I want to know what people think.


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