Color Match web site

Some of you may know that I am color deficient. What this means is I can't distinguish colors as effectively as some people. Which ALSO means I have a hard time matching colors and sometimes end up with web sites that really do not look the best.

Well, I have found a very good solution for my problem. The web site is simply called 'Color Match' by <hyper>gURL and really does what I need it to!

Color Match is a website tool showing how to match website colors and help in choosing a website color scheme or color code. Also displays the HTML Color Code.

Not only does it match the colors, but it shows you the HTML hex codes. Also, it gives you the option to download an Adobe Photoshop swatch file for using within Photoshop AND download for Illustrator.



This web site - FREE web site - is perfect and very useful. I wanted to share the find.



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