The weekend, come and gone

This was a lovely weekend. Mostly Saturday. The weather was glorious. We did errands and went to a park for a spell. It was just lovely.

Then, of course, I had to go and ruin it and got sick that night. Ended up skipping church. My wife, bless her brave heart, took the boys to church anyway.

She survived, with nary a scar to show. The boys where extremely good. Carolyn even had to courage to take the baby with her grocery shopping – first trip just her and the baby. Again – went without a hitch.

Really, even though I got sick, it was a good weekend. The kids where great. The weather was beautiful. I was feeling pretty good by about 9pm Sunday. And I’ve been reading this really entertaining (and inspiring) book by director Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Sin City, SpyKids) called “Rebel without a Crew”. It’s about his trip from broke director doing home movies to a very popular director. Very good read for anyone looking to be in the movie industry – or any entertainment industry really. A buddy from work let me borrow it – so I figured I better read it and get it back to him!

I have so many projects in my mind lately it’s pretty crazy! I’m excited about them though. Real excited.


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