Taking new steps for the future

A while ago I posted about being frustrated and my dreams about having my own design studio where I can work on only the stuff I enjoy doing like random artwork and design projects. JeremyOLED over at Superluminal encouraged me and I have recently decided to take steps toward the future.

Studio646 will be changing it's gears from service oriented to content. Meaning the I won't be focused on getting design work via Studio646 but doing things like making posters and pictures that you can purchase. I've yet to decide how to offer these works whether CafePress or what, but it's my start to push this wish for my own studio.

One of the things I'll be showcasing at S646 is my projects such as Deadland Chronicles. I also hope to do a novel published on a blog - blogel? Novog? Whatever it would be called. I have a few stories that, once Deadland is scripted, I'll be penning out and releasing chapters at a time. Free to read.

See, I want to inspire and encourage. I want to rub someone's imagination and make them day dream about worlds or 'what ifs'. While Deadland and my stories are going to (hopefully) be entertaining, I also went them to make people think about the world - THEIR world - differently.

So, step one is underway. Change my direction.

Maybe, prayerfully and hopefully, I can have my own personal studio in the near future with computers for design and writing and music ... It's not just a dream. It's an aspiration.

"Man cannot aspire if he looked down; if he rise, he must look up."
Samuel Smiles


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