Figuring out the future

I've been comtemplating many things the last year since losing my previous job. With the new job I have comes a great deal of stress. It's not that it's necessarily a horrible job, just different. Variable methods of management. The stereotypical office politics. You name it, it's probably happened. I've even been promoted to head of the marketing department (Marketing Project Manager) which is great. But again, lots of stress. Not a ton of pay!

I've been trying to find new ways to build revenue for my family. I have many projects on the table in front of me. I don't want to focus on the ones that pays or has the best pay options. Those ones will always be short lived in the way of interest. Then again, if I focus on the fun, creative ones they'll suck me dry of funds as well as creative juices.

So, when you start a project, what criteria does it need to meet before you jump into it? How do you determine what you should prioritize? I'm at a loss on this.

I told my sister recently to write on a piece of paper all the projects she has in mind. No particular order. Just write them down as they come to mind. Then, put the list down and come back the next day. On the following day, start going through the projects she's most interest in and cross out the ones she's not too interested. The following day, go through the list again and cross off the projects that are too large or difficult for her to do in her current situation.

In the end, if anyone does this, it should take all their ideas and projects and whittle it down to what's achievable and most interesting to them.

Maybe I should take my own advice!

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