Reformulation is the name of the game

I like the word ‘reformulation’. says it means “The act of devising or planning out in an orderly fashion once again.” With this definition in mind that is exactly what I’m doing.

It’s time to take the stories I have planned and reformulate the structure. Originally I planned on writing a})chapter at a time (for the blogellas [blog+novella=blogella]) and post it. However, I think the wisest course of action will be to write a slew of chapters and once I get a good bit done (and the story solidified) I can start scheduling these to be posted. That way I have direction, focus and a nice padding of story to sit back on.

See, I think big and scheme. Sometimes I look too far ahead and others I’m short sighted. It’s time for me to organize my thoughts and focus more.

What does this mean? Well .. not much really. Just that once I get things set in place my projects will feel less poinless and have more aim and … productivity.


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