5 Video Games of My Youth

Video games are the very apex of a child's life. At least these days. When I was young we didn't have the same games they have now, but there had been some pretty big influences for me, even at a young age.

1) Super Mario Brothers

The original, 8bit beast that flag-shipped the first Nintendo Entertainment System. Even to this day I don't know how or why a plumber would be saving any world from giant, man-eating shrooms, duck-turtles that can also fly or fire-breathing dragon-turtles. But he did, and I'm sure the Princess (who was always getting snatched!) was grateful.

2) Legend of the Red Dragon

This was a popular BBS (Bulletin Board System) game that was all text. This pre-dated the internet and online gaming, and for whatever reason I loved it. Story based, simple adventuring and enjoyable. I'd spend my allowed time (60 minutes a day on a particular BBS) playing this and soon was a champion. I even have an 11x17 poster from it, which even today looks pretty boss.

3) Wolfenstein 3D

Any FPS (first person shooter) veteran will tell you they cut their teeth on this game. Classic "American soldier vs Nazi" game. This is known as the for-runner for modern FPS games.

4) Machine Hunter

This was a great top-down shooter from 1997. It's one of those highly un-loved games that I played (and still do!) regularly. The play is great, graphics and fun and there is just enough challenge to make it fun, but not to the point of throwing my controller through the screen.

"The objective of the game is for the player to shoot down robots and take control of them. Once the player has taken control of the robot, he/she has the robot's weapons and upgrades. The player can take control of many different types of robots. The player must rescue all the civilians in order to proceed to the next stage. The game has a two player cooperative mode.

Throughout the game, the player moves his way shooting a robots, aliens, mutants and huge vehicles that tries to impede the player's progress. There is a total of 9 robots the player can take control of, each with different abilities and weapons."

5) Metroid

One of my favorite, all time, side-scroller adventure games. Released in 1986 for the Nintendo I remember devouring this game for hours. Looking for every item possible. When Super Metroid was released in 1994 I was more than just a little exited and wasn't disappointed. Again, spent untold hours neglecting my now wife playing this game.

"Samus travels through the caverns of the planet Zebes to stop the Space Pirates from exploiting the Metroid species for galactic domination." 

What games did you grow up with?


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