NY Post apologizes for President Obama Cartoon

I find it funny that people have called President Bush a monkey for 8 years - blatantly - and no one says a thing. However, when the NY Post publishes a cartoon (that doesn't say anything about President Obama) depicting some Connecticut police shooting a chimpanzee they automatically claim it's a depiction of President Obama. So they (NY Post) published an apology (of sorts) for the cartoon saying that if you where offended, sorry. However they also said that some of the critics and complainers have had problems for a while with the NY Post and took this "as an opportunity for payback".

Obama NY Post Monkey

I can see - with a stretch - how they could get all miffed and think that this is a direct insult to President Obama. I mean ... the monkey does have his eyes.

Seriously, if you think this is an insult than you're obviously looking for a fight. President Obama didn't write the 1,000+ page joke stimulus plan. He initiated it, had a hand in hit, but didn't pen it. This was done by many, many people.

Maybe it was these guys ...



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