Hello Mister Colic

I didn't want to admit it. I insisted it wasn't true. Everything was fine. It was just him "adjusting" to new life.

But sadly, I think I may have to just buck up and say it ... I think the new baby is colicky.

I fear another child with colic. See, Aidan is such a wonderful child - but the first six months of his life where torture for Carolyn and I. We slept very little, where stressed beyond belief ... it was not fun. A screaming, crying, puking baby does not a happy family make. And it wasn't just a few hours a day like most colicky babies - but 24/7. How we survived can only be explained as the grace of God, because I don't have the strength it took to survive.

Now, Ethan has a 'touch' of colic. Several hours in the evening he cries and it is extremely hard to consol him. We've tried changing Carolyn's diet, using soy formula .. so far nothing is working. I know there are more expensive formula you can try made specifically for colicky children - but they're usually around $30 a pop and I'm not going to spend the money to "try something".

So, which us luck and send a few million prayers up for us! We're going to need it!


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