Hello Adobe AIR

 adobe-air-10-logoYes, I'm usually late on my findings and with Adobe AIR it's no different.

If you're a stranger to this product you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about.

AIR is a new technology that utilizes Flex, Ajax and Flash (as well as other technologies I'm sure) to bring rich desktop applications to ... well, your desktop. I know, surprise.

These aren't just lame Yahoo! Widgets either. These are fully functioning software in a small footprint. Everything from Google stats to project management can be done thanks to Adobe AIR and the myriad of developers popping up seemingly overnight.

So, I figured I would drop a small list of my favorite programs that I've been using thanks to Adobe AIR. And yes ... these are descriptions straight from the Adobe Marketplace. I'm unoriginal. Don't sue me please.

Also, keep in mind that 99% of the applications I use are for practice use in my work and freelance life. Sorry.

Google Analytics Reporting Suite

google_analytics_icon The Google Analytics Reporting Suite brings Google Analytics to the desktop, with a host of features that help you understand how your web site is performing and where you can improve. From tracking your visitors, referrals and campaigns to viewing your AdWords ROI metrics, the Google Analytics Reporting suite is a must-have for every web business

KonoLive, the Instant Collaboration app

konolive_icon KonoLive enables instant collaboration around your activities with peers and colleagues, so that anything you do is synchronized in real-time with all the people involved. It brings together all aspects of our busy lives into a harmonious environment of productivity - for our work life, social life, community life and any other interests we have, or want to share with others.

Now, KonoLive empowers collaboration by mixing in one location: IM, Skype, Box.net, GTD and Google Docs!!

And it's free.


klok_icon Klok is a personal time tracking application that makes it easy for anyone working on multiple clients, projects or tasks to keep track of their hours. In contrast to many time entry applications, Klok is meant for those of us who want to press a button when we start working and another when we stop. Klok keeps track of the rest. Klok allows entry of time spent in the past as well and also allows for editing time entries. The application features drag and drop, excel export, archive and a collapsed view that stays our of your way.

Workspace for Sales

workspaces_icon Workspace for Sales provides real-time messaging and file sharing between sales people and their extended sales team – operations, marketing, technical resources and external partners to help close sales. Team members can access Workspace from their desktop, iPhone, Blackberry or mobile phone.

With deep CRM integration, Workspace delivers a powerful way to leverage your CRM application for cultivating opportunities and automatically synchronizes information and activities with the CRM records

Vertabase Timer

The latest release of this great time tracking widget for MAC and PC is ideal to track time on projects or to track time on clients. Over 3,000 downloads worldwide and growing! Built in Show Time time usage report exports to XML or CSV for use in other applications.


twirltwhirl is a social software desktop client for services like Twitter, Seesmic, Friendfeed and identi.ca. It allows to connect to multiple account at the same time, keep up with your friends' updates, and share what you are doing.


Honorable Mention

I should drop these ones a "HECK YES" note. While it's not a free applications to use with Adobe AIR, they are still pretty sweet.

Mockups For Desktop

mockups_icon Product managers, designers, developers and even clients can now work together in the same tool to quickly iterate over software mockups, before writing code.

Mockups feels like you are drawing, but it's digital, so you can tweak and rearrange controls easily, and the end result is much cleaner. Teams can come up with a design and iterate over it in real-time in the course of a meeting.
(not free: $79 - and on my wish list)


iplotz_iconiplotz allows anyone to create navigable mockups and wireframes to create prototypes of websites and software applications.
(not free: $75)


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