Fun with tech support

Do you ever have those days where people just instinctively assume you know the answers to problems that are so obscure? Take the above example: the question is detail-less. If you have a problem, give details dang it!

Tech Support: [thinking] Let's see what the tech support E-Mails have to say today.
E-Mail: Hello. I just set up my new PC and it doesn't work correctly. Do you have any ideas? Signed, A Paying Customer.
Tech Support: [ rappy tap tap jab] Yep, I sure do. Signed, Tech Support.

The company I work for is having issues with their web site today. I emailed tech support, sent error logs and as much information I could think of to help get things resolved. THAT'S what you need to do when you need things resolved. Overkill with details so they know as much about your current configuration as you do.

Sadly, the response I got was something like this: Hey, yeah you have a problem with your server. We don't know why. Just log in and read the error logs and fix it yourself.

Yay for crappy support, eh?!


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