celtx - not just for script writing

I'm a firm believer, follower and fanboy of the software called celtx.  It has made writing my script for Deadland Chronicles a snap. Auto formatting things so I can concentrate on the story and elements and not in proper layout. BRILLIANT!

However, I'm not just a script writer. I love to write random pieces of fiction in hopes to finalize a story at some point. I have a lot of stories bouncing around in my brainpan. Most of them will never be translated to anything but story.

So, when I write, should I open up OpenOffice and start typing? Or, Microsoft Word if you're still a slave (haha, poking fun).

Nay, I say!

celtx is much more than for writing a script.

When you start the program you're given opens for a 'Project Template'. Film, Audio-Visual, Theater, Audio Play, Storyboard, Comic Book and Text.


This gives you a basic template with just a text document and the 'Master Catalog' open.

The text document can be your 'prelude' or 'chapter' or whatever you need it to be. You can click the add button and add a Character Catalog so you can have your character information for each of your characters - anything you need for them!



You can add additional 'text' under the 'Add > Script > Text'



There is wonderful things for any author to do! I really really support and enjoy this program! Keep up the great work celtx!


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