WordPress 2.7

So I've been watching the release of the next WordPress - since I use WordPress - and I must say it's looking pretty good. The back end really is shaping up to be simple, clean and easy to use.

Now, I do have issues with a few things, both in practice and design.

First, WordPress/Automattic are getting into the habit of setting release dates, and failing to meet the deadline. I understand that this is a free software and you can't expect people to always stay on  target, but it has happened for every scheduled release date that I can remember. This version of WordPress is scheduled for November 11th, but according to the developers blog, only a release candidate will be ready by that day. Like I said, an annoyance and keeps me from relying on the dates and such.

The other issue I have is in the fact that they're completely redoing their design yet again for the backend. Now, I'm not a big anti-change guy, but in WP 2.5 they changed the administration area dramatically, people fought it, they did it anyway. Now, in the next version they'll be changing the backend completely yet again! If they keep it up, people may stop using WordPress all together. Not a huge deal, like I said. I can deal with it. I learned to get along with the new interface. I did with the current one. Now we're best of friends.

So, WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 is out now, so you can download and play with it. I understand there are still browser issues with it, so don't get your hopes up!



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