Warning - Inspiration Striking

Some days I sit there, with a pen and paper in hand (figuratively) trying to be inspired either with design, web, music or writing and I usually walk away extremely frustrated with the lack of ... inspiration. It can be so annoying!

However, lately it's been pouring inspiration and I have no idea why! But I have to say, I love it!

I used to have ideas for one .. maybe two stories. But in my 'story ideas' file I have a grand total of seven (7!) stories ready to be written, either as short stories, novels, series or scripts. It's really quite exciting to be honest and I hope I can get them all down!

Hey! I just remember an eighth story! HUZZAH!

I probably have a few more laying around that I've forgotten about.

So it's really exciting.

When inspiration strikes, yet you don't have time to take the bull by the horns, what do you do? Obviously I can't write eight stories at the same time. That would be insane! So, I write down a title (or something) and make a note of the general idea. As I go, if more bits of the story come in play I make note. If a LOT of the story starts coming I make a new file in Celtx for the story.

What is your work flow?