Thinking thinking always thinking

I've been told in the past that I put too many irons in the fire. I think up too many projects for me to do, too many web sites and too many stories to play with.

But in the end, I have to say I love doing it! I'm always thinking up some new story or scheme or graphic or some crazy project that I want to try. Isn't that what being a creative person is all about? Thinking and dreaming?

I am one heck of a dreamer.

So I've been reformatting my thinking into a more constructive and focused line of thought. Up until recently with Deadland Chronicles I've really just randomly written stuff and barely got past an introduction or prelude. Now, I use a few styles of writing to achieve my goals. For Chapter One of Deadland Chronicles I simply wrote scene-for-scene off the cuff, which worked but feels messy now. Chapter Two is being penned by writing the general synopsis first so I can get a flow and quick feel and then I'll script it from there. For Chapter Three I'm going to step up the process by writing out each plot and scene on 3x5 index cards so I can shuffle them around easily to help the pacing, then write a synopsis from that and then finally drop a script off the rough synopsis. I think the writing will mature as I figure out what style of writing will work best for me.

So, what stories do I have in mind? Here you go - small list:

Deadland Chronicles
This Fallen Earth
Tony Laen (teen book series)
Halflife of Mr. Undead
Midius: The Legend of the Nexar
Human Condition (tentative title)

I have a few others that I'm working on. But nothing named. These are the only the ones that I have more solid ideas and names for. But it's a start. One of these I may even make into a film script and do a short film with Brett Kolman (Esoteric Cinema), but we'll see!


Always moving. Always thinking. I can't help it.