The screwed up world

Ok, while no one can really argue against the fact the this is one messed up world, I think it hits one of those all time lows when you find out they have a 'reality TV school'.

Yes, that's right ... a school to go and learn how to somehow be a reality TV celebrity. With the fame of shows staring people such as Hulk Hogan, Ozzy Osborn, Paris Hilton ... heck, even George Forman is getting a reality show! The bad boys of the late 80s, Corey Fieldman and Cory Haim (who just started in a straight to DVD sequel to "The Lost Boys")have a reality show! I'd not be one bit surprised if Bill Clinton or some other washed up politician who still holds some piece of fame ends up with a reality show.

So, while naturally there are some extreme horrors in this world (war, murder, molestation, rape, taxes) I think this is one of those lower than low parts of our earth that makes me want to move to the moon.

What I Learned at Reality TV School


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