The professional cover letter

In this job market it is important to have a professional and well worded cover letter to go with your resume. For the job I have now, I constructed a very nice and straight forward letter.

Before you doubt me: this is seriously and honestly the letter I sent with my resume. And yes, they hired me.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is in response to a job posting on MLive for an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist/Office Manager/Bouncer. Upon reading the … unusual … ad listing, I found myself intrigued and ready to apply for such a position.

Attached is a resume, which when printed on paper can be used for many different activities. It can be folded into a paper airplane, smashed into an impromptu basketball and/or thrown at the first person who walks by, employed as a not-so-soft napkin or utilized, with the other resume papers, to level a desk. Also, if you decide you need some reading material while in the “Throne Room,” you will see that I have lots of different experiences.

I do have much practice with Word, Outlook, Excel, Access and Explorer. I know the ups and oh-so-many downs of said Microsoft products - mostly downs. At my present and previous jobs I have answered phones, taken messages, ignored telemarketers and attempted to translate foreign languages like West Virginian and Californian to English so that I, and the sales persons, can understand what is being said. I can also stuff my face like no other, as well as envelopes, though I have learned that meat balls and #10 envelopes do not mix well.

I am also a decent web and graphic designer; I enjoy trying new techniques and yelling at my computer when it doesn’t work. Within my current employment, I act as the computer technician, which means the large mallet of doom sits near my chair. I abuse Photoshop and Indesign on a daily basis as well as Dreamweaver and all those MS Office products everyone loathes yet needs.

Your company looks and sounds appealing and I’d love to have an interesting, humorous and slightly odd interview in the near future.

Again, attached is a resume that I hope will give you a better depiction of my qualities.


Tadd Mencer